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Armor в Aion


Players have four different types of armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate. However, the limitations of what types of armor can be used are based on the class the player has chosen.

Gladiators and Templars, while able to wear all types of armor, rely on plate armor, made of thick metals, to give them the resilience to fight on the front lines. Chain armor, while less resilient than plate, allows Clerics and Chanters the ability to move about the battlefield healing and buffing their allies while still providing protection in melee combat. Assassins and Rangers use Leather armor in order to be quick and mobile while striking from a distance of from the shadows. Lastly, Cloth armor helps to enable the Spiritmaster and Sorcerer to cast powerful magic from beyond the reach of their enemies.

Types of Armor

Flight Speed Armor:

Flight Time Armor:

Armor Tool-Tip Information

Armor and Shield Characteristics Comparison

Armor Enchantments

Like weapons, armor can have enchantments placed upon them with the use of enchantment stones. Each piece of armor receives a different amount of physical defense increase depending on the type of material it is composed of.

Shields, as you can see in the chart above, receive a damage reduction bonus for every enchantment level placed upon them.

In order to add an enchantment an Enchantment Stone must be used on the item. If successful the enchantment level will increase by 1. However, if failed, the enchantment level will drop by 1.

Note: A failure on an item that does not already have an enchantment level will not cause it to have a have negative enchantment.


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